There are Mobile applications which are not approved by the Income Tax Department. Users are advised that they may not be according to Department data structure. Filers using them are doing at their own risk.
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  • 28/03/2014
    Important Announcement for Income tax Non Filers!! For details, click here
  • 20/02/2014
    Tax deductor and collector holding valid TAN can register and use the TAN based credentials to file Form 15CA. Please download the updated utility of Form 15CA.
  • 11/02/2014
    CBDT extends the date of filing of ITR-V till 31st March 2014, for returns e-Filed with refund claims within the time allowed u/s 139 for Assessment Year 2009-10, 2010-11, 2011-12. For details,Click here.
  • 31/12/2013
    The Facility to bulk upload Form 15CA is now available as offline utility. The Remitter may use either online or offline utility to upload Form 15CA.
  • 14/12/2013
    CBDT vide order u/s 119 dated 13/12/2013 has decided to extend the last date of payment of the December Quarter Instalment of Advance Tax for the Financial year 2013-14, from 15th December 2013 to 17th December 2013 for all assessees, Corporate and other than Corporate. For details, Click here.
  • 24/10/2013
    CBDT vide order u/s 119 dated 24/10/2013 has directed that in cases where the 'due date' of audit and corresponding income-tax returns was 30th September, 2013 and where the same are furnished electronically on or before 31st October, 2013, such reports of audit and returns of income shall be deemed to have been furnished within the 'due date' specified u/s 139 of the Income Tax Act, 1961. For details, Click here.
  • 09/10/2013
    Form No. 15CA relating to any payment chargeable to income tax (to a non-resident, not being a company or to a foreign company) is available from 01/10/2013 on e-Filing portal. Remitters may use the same. [Refer Notification No. 67/2013 dated 02/09/2013] For details, Click here.
  • 30/09/2013
    CBDT vide order u/s 119 dated 30/09/2013 has extended the ‘due date’ for filing of ITR from 30/09/2013 to 14/10/2013 in the case of Income tax assessees in the State of Gujarat. For details,Click here.
  • 26/09/2013
    CBDT vide order u/s 119 dated 26/09/2013 has relaxed the requirement of furnishing the Report of Audit electronically for AY 2013-14 for assessees who are presently finding it difficult to upload the same in the system. For details, Click here.
  • 23/09/2013
    Updated version of ITR 7 and Offline Forms (other than ITR) are available in the portal. Assessee may download and use the same.
  • 17/09/2013
    Updated version of ITRs (ITR3, ITR4 and ITR6) are available in the portal. Assessee may download and use the same.
  • 13/09/2013
    Extension of date for receipt of ITR-Vs in CPC. Bengaluru, upto 31st October 2013 for returns of AY 2011-12 and AY 2012-13 e-Filed in FY 2012-13. For details, Click here.
  • 31/07/2013
    The CBDT extended the due date for filing Returns of Income from 31st July, 2013 to 5th August, 2013.[Refer Order u/s 119 dated 31/07/2013].
  • 24/07/2013
    CBDT extended the due date for filing Returns of Income required to be furnished by 31st July, 2013 to 31st October, 2013, in respect of Assessees residing or assessed in the state of Uttarakhand [Refer Order u/s 119 dated 23/07/2013].
  • 17/06/2013
    An assessee required to furnish a report of audit specified under sub-clauses (iv), (v), (vi) or (via) of clause (23C) of section 10, section 10A, clause (b) of sub-section (1) of section 12A, section 44AB, section 80-IA, section 80-IB, section 80-IC, section 80-ID, section 80JJAA, section 80LA, section 92E or section 115JB of the Act, shall furnish the said report of audit  and the return of Income electronically for AY 2013-14 and onwards [Refer Notification No:42/2013 dated 11/06/2013].
  • 13/05/2013
    An assessee required to furnish a report of audit under sections 44AB, 92E or 115JB of the Act, shall furnish the same electronically for AY 2013-14 onwards [Refer Notification No.: 34/2013 dated 01-05-2013].
  • 13/05/2013
    A person having Total Income in excess of ₹ 5 Lakhs, shall furnish a return of income for AY 2013-14 and subsequent years, electronically [Refer Notification No.: 34/2013 dated 01-05-2013].
  • 25/04/2013
    Forms (Other than ITR) are available in the e-Filing portal for filing. Click here to know more on the Forms.
  • 18/01/2013
    Extension of time limit for filing of ITR-V forms for AY 2010-11, AY 2011-12 and AY 2012-13. Click here for the notification.
  • 07/12/2012
    Foreign Companies/Firms having issues in registration should Click here or read the FAQ in HELP on the Home page.
  • 07/12/2012
    In case of a Foreign Company, if the authorized signatory is a non-resident foreigner, an e-mail may be sent to with a subject "Non-resident Foreign Director (NRFD) update".
  • 07/12/2012
    All Tax Payers, other than Individuals, are requested to update Principal Contact details and update their Digital Signature Certificate (DSC).
  • 01/12/2012
    ERI and External Agency are requested to use the new user ID as communicated by Income Tax Department through e-mail. If the old password is less than 8 characters, the ERI Admin should send a request to, to reset the password . ERI Sub-user must contact their respective ERI Admin for Profile, Password and Extension of Validity. Also, refer to the web service manual under the help section for changes in web services.
  • 09/11/2012
    Mobile Services can be availed using the url
  • 09/11/2012
    Check your tax credits in 26AS statement before filing IT Return for faster processing and quick refunds.
  • 09/11/2012
    The Director General of Income Tax(System) has extended the time limit for filing ITR-V forms relating to Income Tax Returns filed electronically (without digital signature certificate) for AY 2010-11 (filed during F.Y. 2011-12) and for A.Y. 2011-12 (filed on or after 1st April 2011). These ITR-V forms can now be filed upto 31st December, 2012 or within a period of 120 days from the date of uploading of the electronic return data, whichever is later. Click here to download the notification.
  • 09/11/2012
    The due date for submission of ITR-V is 120 days from the date of upload of e-return.
  • 09/11/2012
    e-filing of Income Tax Return for AY 12-13 will not be mandatory for agents of non-residents (u/s 160(1)(i) of the IT Act) as well as for Private Discretionary Trusts.
  • 09/11/2012
    Tax Professional (CA) is a new user on this portal. They can e-File Income Tax Forms (other than Income Tax Returns). Chartered Accountant's are requested to register. To learn more, GO TO I AM section --> Tax Professional --> Chartered Accountant
  • 09/11/2012
    Taxpayers are advised to LOGIN and update their profile including Address, Mobile number and e- mail ID.


ITR 1 (SAHAJ) & ITR 4S (SUGAM) for AY 2014-15 are available in online and offline utility for e-Filing

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