• "Quick e-Filing & e-Verification of ITRs is a very good initiative taken by IT Department .It saved turnaround time to file returns and there is no need to approach the Tax Consultants to file returns online that gives lot of privacy to individual's financial data." - 18/08/2015

  • "It is very good because for return form no need to send by post online only we do everything." - 18/08/2015

  • "Filing return was such a wonderful experience this time. I am really very impressed with the progress our IT department has made. This is definitely a welcome move for making life of citizens so much easier. Thanks again!" - 18/08/2015

  • "e-Filing and verification within 15 mins.It was never easy before. hats off to Income Tax Department for their efforts put in for developing user friendly portal" - 18/08/2015

  • "e-Verification is very good initiative for verification. Saves time and money and wonderful progress for making Digital India. Keep it going." - 18/08/2015

  • "IT Department deserves the best compliment for processing the e-Filed returns quickly within i.e, 7 to 10 days of filing." - 18/08/2015

  • "ITR filing is made very simple this year.Especially the e-verify option!I was taken by pleasant surprise to know that I don't have to email the copy anymore! Thank you so much team!I wonder why people stand in queue paying money to file with this setup in hand." - 17/08/2015

  • "Work of e-Filing of ITR is made ease and simple.e-Verification is excellent." - 17/08/2015

  • "Excellent.Now filing return is double easy.e-Verification is an excellent piece of work, it simply took away the most tiring job of sending the form V to CPC.thanks..." - 17/08/2015

  • "e-verification by Net banking is fantastic and super fast." - 17/08/2015

  • "Excellent New processing system by ITR. EVC system is too much excellent for easy and convenient facility for IT return. thanks to all team of ITR" - 17/08/2015

  • "Website has designed awesome & the option for e-Verification is nothing but GO GREEN Hats Off to IT Department...." - 17/08/2015

  • "Loved the way you have simplify eFile ITR and e-Verification ! A step toward Digital India by removing posting form to Office" - 17/08/2015

  • "I must appreciate that Income Tax Dept Team is providing excellent guidance and help through this website. E-verification is a step forward towards ease of Governance" - 16/08/2015

  • "Process of filing through OTP through Aadhar is wonderful. Earlier I used to file through Digital Signatures where I have to do a lot of work to obtain DS. This new process is really awesome. Congratulations for Innovation & Development " - 16/08/2015

  • "Excellent user friendly website to complete e-filing very easily if one have all the details. The EVC facility is an excellent addition which reduces the ITR Verification waiting time to process the ITR Form submitted. Thanks to the entire team of IT Department for this excellent work." - 16/08/2015

  • "Kudos to the e-filing team for building such a hassle free solution for filing returns. The addition and seamless integration of e-Verify option with bank information just made my life easier! Congrats on going eco friendly way!" - 14/08/2015

  • "e-Verification process for the filed ITR is excellent! Thanks for the initiative to make it possible for people without digital signatures!" - 14/08/2015

  • "Excellent portal for Efile, hats off to incometax department for this ,Especially for introducing e-verify" - 14/08/2015

  • "E -filing is easy and Comfort. The E-Verification process is excellent and save the papers. Thanks to IT department." - 13/08/2015

  • "E filing and EVC is very comfortable and friendly. Hats Off to I T Dept.and CPC." - 13/08/2015

  • "Very easy to fill up it return withe-verification. response is excellent." - 12/08/2015

  • "Truly a wonderful experience. Was able to file my returns effortlessly and with ease. Feeling proud about the simplicity brought by IT trans and e-verification process. India Shining and way to go. Good work & All the best. " - 12/08/2015

  • "The process of e-Verification is very simple and user friendly through net banking.Thanks to income tax department " - 09/08/2015

  • "Excellent work done by Income tax dept. and Govt of India towards Digital India. Looking forward more actions from Govt of India to make Digital India implemented in full capacity." - 09/08/2015

  • "It is really to good to use e-Verify process for submission, it saved time and efforts. We should feel proud to have such a good and awesome system in our Income Tax Department." - 09/08/2015

  • "The new ITR e-Verify initiative is superb. Fantastic job by IT Dept. " - 08/08/2015

  • "E-Verification literally saves a lot of time, money and of course paper. Kudos to the ITD team. Jai Hind!" - 08/08/2015

  • "A fine and hassle free interface. e-filing IT return is a breeze. EVC is a nice step towards real paperless transaction. Thanks and keep up the excellent e-service." - 08/08/2015

  • "Hats off to IT dept. for their supreme efficiency. I e-filed my IT return for A.Y. 2015-16 on 15 July 2015.Lo, pronto, it has been processed and my refund credited to my bank acct.by NECS on 5 Aug! Really commendable. Thanks " - 08/08/2015

  • No words..excellent..brilliant..i dont know who designed but..design was as simple as it need to be..precise..accurate..good colors..user friendly..and maintained good pace althrough the site." - 08/08/2015

  • "Sir,The Quick e-File facility and particularly e-Verify facility introduced recently has found to be of great help. Thanks a lot! ." - 08/08/2015

  • "Good. Saved money from taking printouts and sending Acknowledgement by Post" - 08/08/2015

  • "Very excellent work by IT Department.Very Quick and easy to upload ITR.I uploaded ITR on 21/07/2015 and got assessment order on 28/07/2015, unbelievable !!!!!!" - 08/08/2015

  • "The e-Verification has made the whole process even more simple this year. I recommend evryone to use this portal rather than paying someone else to do it! " - 08/08/2015

  • "I really liked the e-Verify facility provided this year along with e-File ITR. This would save so many Rs.5 envelops and ITR-V print papers this year. The link to AADHAR, Bank Account and Mobile/email ID is really helpful. Thanks for providing all these options. Technology at it's best!!! " - 07/08/2015

  • "Kudos to IT dept!. After filing with e-Verification got my refund within 7 days flat!!!!" - 07/08/2015

  • "Excellent work done by the IT department.Appreciations to the concerned professionals who have conceived this system. Proud to be an Indian." - 07/08/2015

  • "Recent introduction of e-Verification is very good.kudos to the whole team of IT dept.At present I am in USA. and able to file my return with e-Verification without any difficulties.Wonderful job done by IT DEPT." - 07/08/2015

  • "EVC system of verificaion is excellent. the return processing is now very fast." - 07/08/2015

  • "Filing of returns has become very much easier and simpler. It saves a lot of time. IT department has done a commendable job by bringing in e-Filing system. Incorporation of e-Verification is excellent and it is very useful. " - 06/08/2015

The due date for e-Filing Returns of Income has been extended from 31st August 2015 to 7th September 2015 in respect of all taxpayers who were required to e-File their returns by 31st August 2015.
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  • 03/09/2015    New Content
    The due date for e-Filing Returns of Income has been extended from 31st August 2015 to 7th September 2015 in respect of all taxpayers who were required to e-File their returns by 31st August 2015. For details, [Refer Order u/s 119 dated 02/09/2015]
  • 01/09/2015
    CBDT vide order u/s 119 dated 31/08/2015 has extended the 'due date' for submission of Returns of Income from 31/08/2015 to 07/09/2015 in the case of income tax assessees in the State of Gujarat who are liable to file their Income tax returns by 31/08/2015. For details, [Refer Order u/s 119 dated 31/08/2015]
  • 31/08/2015
    Taxpayers are requested to go to "Profile Settings --> Link Aadhaar" after logging to their account to link their Aadhaar with PAN. This is an optional feature that will enable taxpayers to e-Verify their Income Tax return if their Aadhaar-PAN linking is successful and if they have an valid mobile number registered with Aadhaar.
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